There are many types of risk assessment you need to consider when running a business. Fire risk assessment is an extremely important and essential one. Legally you must have a fire risk assessment in place in your business. You must also carry out assessments on a regular basis. This legal requirement is laid out under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Knowing how to carry out a proper fire risk assessment is not necessarily something all business owners know, which is why partnering with someone like Risk Safety Services is a sensible idea to ensure you are fully compliant.

Reduce Risks with a comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment

The risk of fire in your workplace can be dramatically minimised with a good fire risk assessment in place. It helps to ensure that no one on your premises is at risk and you have a procedure to follow should the worst happen. At Risk Safety Services we work with many different businesses and have assessed every type of premises to ensure the right plans are in place. We have experts trained in fire assessment and fire risks. This means we are able to put your assessment in place as well as organise fire escape plans.

We have qualified assessors on our team who can come to your premises and fully report their findings. They will provide you with recommendations to make your premises safe, or improve its safety. We guarantee you will be up to date with all fire safety legal requirements. Our reports and recommendations also have a completion timescale laid out. This means you have a set period in which you can expect to be fully compliant.

All businesses have to comply with fire safety legislation and the fire risk assessment is key to this. It is completely understandable that you may not be an expert in this area. This is why choosing an experienced health and safety partner like us is a smart choice.

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