When it comes to firefighting, it is essential that there are trained personnel available who know how to use fire extinguishers safely. Having fire extinguishers in place is not enough, businesses need to have competent staff who can handle the correct fire extinguisher for the situation when it is safe to do so. At Risk Safety Services, we offer practical and helpful fire extinguisher training in Kent.

What doe fire extinguisher training in Kent include?

At Risk Safety Services, our comprehensive fire extinguisher training can equip business owners and employees with the knowledge they need for fire safety in the workplace. Furthermore, as fire extinguishers are a requirement as part of Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, having them on the premises is simply not enough.

With the fire extinguisher training, your team can;

  • Learn about the fire triangle and theory behind combustion
  • Understand the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005
  • Appreciate how legislation applies to your organisation
  • Be aware of the different types of firefighting equipment available
  • Understand the differences between different types of extinguisher
  • Be able to operate a fire extinguisher safely
  • Recognise how incorrect operation of fire extinguishers can be dangerous.

What are the benefits of fire extinguisher training?

  1. Improve the confidence of your employees, so they feel able to handle an emergency situation.
  2. Reduce the risk of harm and injury to a person operating a fire extinguisher.
  3. Make firefighting more effective as the person will be trained to use the extinguisher properly.
  4. Lessen the extent of the fire by using the right type of extinguisher for the specific type of fire.
  5. Helps employees to save lives and protect your business from the devastating cost of fire.

Book fire extinguisher training in Kent

If you would like to improve the fire safety awareness in your organisation, the fire extinguisher training can help. Find out more about fire extinguisher training and how Risk Safety Services can help your business by emailing the team at info@risksafetyservices.co.uk.

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