Fire Safety is vitally important for your business’ safety and success.  It can be a complicated job.  We know more than most the frustration it can bring.  We can offer the fire assessment Kent businesses need to operate compliantly. Furthermore, we are well versed, experienced and knowledgeable about fire safety and want to help your business.

Fire Assessment Kent Consultants

Our consultants will give you advice and assistance in fire safety and prevention, including assessments and audits, advice on fire safety legislation, policies and issues, and fire safety education and training.  Let us help you with all of your Fire Safety Management Plans and Fire Evacuation Procedures.

It is a legal requirement under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 for businesses to carry out fire risk assessments.  The responsible person for the premises needs to carry out this assessment. Alternatively, they can appoint a competent person instead.  Furthermore, these fire assessments are vital to ensure your property and staff that are part of the business practice are safe. They also ensure that risks do not become hazards or result in dangerous situations.

Why Fire Assessments Matter to your Business

A Fire Risk Assessment can dramatically reduce the risk of fire on your premises. It can also help ensure tenants, staff, employees, customers, and the general public are not at risk.  This is the basic legal requirement for most businesses, organisations, and landlords.  Our specialist consultants have assessed almost every kind of building. Our experience covers all sectors and types of building.  We also have the training and experience to understand that every property is unique.

Risk Safety Services work closely with your team to ensure your fire risk assessment is conducted fairly.  We will also help you review your score and assist you with any changes or adjustments necessary.  We will send out a qualified assessor to your premises. They will then carry out a sufficient fire risk assessment and provide you with the full detailed report of their findings.

The report will list recommendations with a specific time scale for completion to ensure your premises are safe and that you remain up to date with all local laws and requirements for businesses.

Book a Fire Assessment for your Kent Business Today

Our expert consultants work with you to ensure your business is safe and protected against the risk of fire. Book in today to discuss your business needs and our team will only be too happy to help.


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