Fire Safety Regulations

Fire outbreaks are some of the worst disasters that could befall anyone. In the light of this, organisations operating in Dover are expected to meet the Fire Safety regulations as stipulated in the county of Kent.

In Dover, Kent, it is believed that the best way to prevent fire and its attendant damages is to prevent its occurrence in the first place. In the light of this, public education on fire prevention is considered as a very vital part of driving the city’s effort at suppressing fire incidences. In order to ensure that there is total compliance with rules guiding the enforcement of safety regulation for all and sundry, the Kent Fire and Rescue Service offers a lot of insight into how companies and individuals can guard against the occurrence of fire incidences.

In its Fire Safety and Assessment Guide, Kent Fire and Rescue Service provides a lot guidance for individuals such as those in their homes and category of people who find themselves in large assemblies such as theatres, cinemas and places of event as well as businesses such as offices, warehouses, factories, healthcare premises, educational facilities and animal care facilities. By providing fire safety regulations in these places, it is believed that fire incidences can be reduced to barest minimum and in the unlikely event of a fire outbreak, these guides ensure that people who find themselves in these places know exactly what to do in order to lessen the effect of the fire or at least keep themselves safe.

For companies, the need to meet fire safety regulations can not be over emphasized and the reasons why these regulations must be met by companies operating in the city of Dover in Kent are not far-fetched. Fire incidences can be disastrous when not contained. And the fact that it can be prevented meant organizations are bound to abide by all regulations as stipulated by the county.

According to the Department for Communities and Local Governments (DCLG), the fire guides have been put together in such a way that a person, irrespective of the level of education or experience can easily carry out a fire risk assessment and determine what further precautionary measures need to be put in place. It also makes it important for companies operating in the county to educated their members of staff on the various means of escaping from a fire a fire incident, especially if they have any disability or would require any special help.

Irrespective of the kind of business you run and the industry you operate in, government has made available a framework with which businesses, in conjunction with Kent Fire and Rescue Service can regulate fire safety. Company owners must first of all realize that they are responsible for safety of man and materials on their premises so it is important to meet this responsibility.

In order for company owners to effectively meet this responsibility, they must ensure the following

1. That a fire risk assessment of their business premises is carried out periodically

2. That members of staff are involved in the process

3. That fire safety measures and emergency plans are put in place in case of any eventuality

4. That staff are trained on safety

Going by these, one can say it is essential that companies operating in Dover in Kent meet Fire Safety regulations because of these:

1. Safety is considered everyone’s business. Hence companies should show example

2. Fire incidences can be fatal and lead to death, hence the county has put in place regulations to avert these kind of occurrences which all businesses must abide by

3. Dover believes the best way to reduce fire incidences is to prevent it and companies are expected to imbibe this.

It is important to conclude by letting company owners know that failure to comply with fire safety regulations could earn them a fine or a prison term.

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