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At Risk Safety Services, we specialize in providing our clients with comprehensive workplace risk assessments that help to ensure their health and safety.

Our experienced and professional consultants can assess your work environments, operations, processes and activities before mapping out a plan for risk management, enabling you to confidently create a safe working space for your staff.

As an accredited consultancy with numerous years of experience specializing in workplace risk assessments, we guarantee fast turnaround times and highest satisfaction.

For reliable and trustworthy assistance with your workplace risk assessment needs, entrust us – Risk Safety Services professionals.

Risk assessments form a significant part of delivering a safe working environment whether in an office, a construction site or setting up an exhibition stand in a neutral venue. As with anything risk related, it is about identifying and managing the risk.

The provision and communication of a suitable and sufficient written assessment of risk in any workplace activity, is a legal requirement of all employers and the self-employed, where they have 5 employees or more.

Assessing risk is acknowledging the presence of a potential issue that could occur, but like all aspects of health and safety it requires a sensible approach to understand what actually constitutes a real and credible concern.

Whilst every workspace or site is different, there are common themes when assessing risk and having worked with clients of all sizes and in many different sectors we can very quickly identify which common risks are present and what constitutes a more unique level of risk based on the location, type of work being undertaken, or the tools and machinery required to complete the job.

Under UK law, all organisations with 5 or more staff are required to carry out written health and safety risk assessments covering all significant hazards.

Health & Safety Executive guidance details a 5-step approach to conducting these analyses. It goes as follows:

  • Identify the hazards present in the workplace.
  • Identify those at risk from the hazards, including employees, contractors, and visitors. Workers who are particularly vulnerable should also be considered, such as young people, new staff members and new or expectant mothers.
  • Evaluate the danger, taking into account the likelihood of accidents. Also, identify and evaluate existing controls that are in place to reduce risks.
  • Record findings on a suitable form.
  • Review the assessment on a regular basis or when things change, such as when new equipment is installed, processes change, or accidents occur.

We offer a range of services. If you are looking for assistance with these analyses, you have two main options:

  • We can carry out your risk assessments on your behalf, completely eliminating any hassle.
  • We can support you through the process by providing the appropriate forms and by training the employees who will be carrying out the analyses. We will also comment on completed assessments.

For more information on how we can help you with your risk assessment, contact Risk Safety Services Limited on Tel: 01304 784143 or Email:


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