Method Statement

Method statement

Method statements from Risk Safety Services ensure a safe working environment and are tailored specifically to your business.

Our experts provide detailed documentation that is not only comprehensive but also compliant with health and safety regulations.

Method statements are the cornerstone of any health and safety strategy, helping to identify potential risks before they occur and providing solutions on how to avoid them.

When you work with Risk Safety Services, you can rest assured that you have taken the necessary steps to protect your staff, visitors and property.

More and more installers are being asked by their clients to produce a method statement as part of their Health and Safety policy or for larger projects, under the CDM Regulations.

A Method Statement is a document detailing how a particular process will be carried out. It should detail the possible dangers/risks associated with your particular part of the project and the methods of control to be established, to show how the work will be managed safely.

Method statements are frequently requested as part of a tender process which allows the company to gain an insight into your organisation and the way it operates. They allow your company to demonstrate how it can provide goods and services in a safe and high quality manner. For this reason Method Statements become another brochure for your company and it is necessary to have well-presented documentation to gain a competitive advantage over your competition.

Risk Safety Services will analyse your working processes and produce bespoke method statements to reduce the risks involved. You will then be able to comply with the needs of your clients and the CDM regulations.

Risk Safety Services can assist you with writing safe systems of work specific to the tasks or operations your company performs.

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