Health and Safety Management

Health and Safety Management System

Here at Risk Safety Services, our Health and Safety Management System is specially designed based on the principles of HSG 65 – Successful Health and Safety Management. If you are not familiar with this process it can be a bit confusing and more than just a little intimidating. This where our team of skilled experts can come in and help you design and implement a health and safety management system that is best for your business.

The HSG 65 is a 4-step methodology for business process improvement. The four stages that we will walk you through are:

Plan We will help you establish objectives for your Health And Safety Risk Management and will help you develop a game plan for how they will be achieved and maintained.
Do Put the plan into effect with our skilled team showing you tips and tricks that work in the real world of business safety and health management.
Check Verify that the process is being followed, that it addresses all the critical needs, and that it has achieved the desired results for your business.


The final step is to analyse any differences that are detected and determine their causes so appropriate action can be taken.

Health & Safety in the workplace is a complex, time consuming process. Certain policies and procedures will need to be continually updated, reviewed, and improved upon. Business owners will also need to be aware of the need for implementation of any new policies or changes that will help improve the health and safety plan.

Our Services offer clients made-to-order health and safety management systems that make this entire process easier to manage and implement- no matter what size business you have.

Our health and safety management systems are designed with your business in mind and is specially designed to address your unique needs an goals. Our health and safety consultants will factor in your business environment, the business processes, and the level of risk in the workplace in order to help you draft up a plan that is perfect for you. They will work closely with you to develop an efficient system that addresses the health and safety needs of you, your staff, and your customers.

our specialty and our experts are ready to go to work for you! Health and safety systems can be utilised by proactively developing an attitude of awareness when it comes to health and safety in the workplace. The most important thing to remember is that safety on the job site is everyone;s responsibility, but ultimately it lies with you the owner to ensure everyone is safe at work.

Implementing an effective health and safety management system into your organisation can provide a number of benefits, including:-

  • Legal Compliance
  • Insurance Compliance
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Reduced time management
  • Efficient processing
  • Easy implementation

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