Health and Safety Audit and Inspection

Health and Safety Inspections and Audits

Risk Safety Services Health and Safety Audit and Inspection, which is often the starting point for any new client engagement, provides the platform for delivering Health and Safety Compliance with all relevant legislation.

Health and safety audits are a fundamental check of your company going beyond Safety inspections to include an assessment of your safety policy, risk assessments, training, and all aspects of how safety is managed in your company.

Typically undertaken as the first step in our relationship with a new client or as a stand-alone task to independently review a company’s safety management system the audit should highlight strengths and weakness within your existing safety structures giving you a platform from which to take the next steps or re assurance that you’ve achieved your aims.

Safety Inspections

Safety Inspections are a key monitoring technique to ensure continued good health, safety, and risk management standards in the workplace.

An inspection is a formal, structured examination of the physical working environment and the tasks within it. The purpose of the inspection is to identify any hazards that are not controlled to a particular standard and eliminate or control them.

Following the inspection, a detailed report will be provided to identity actions to eliminate/control the hazards, and actions to be taken.

Health and Safety Audit

Risk Safety Services Chartered Consultants will carry out a critical examination of how you can manage health, safety, and risk management within the organisation. The audit is designed to help clients better manage health, safety and risk management and ensure that they are complying with the current legal requirements.

The Consultant will carry out and review the following:

  • Health and Safety Policies
  • Carrying out visual observations.
  • Conducting formal discussions with the staff and Management
  • Risk Assessments
  • Work Procedures/SSW
  • Training

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