Event Safety

Event Safety Management

Health and safety management is an important part of event planning and production, which is why Risk Safety Services has the perfect solution.

We are more than just a safety plan, we offer risk management precautionary advice to protect the wellbeing and safety of those attending and managing these events.

Our experienced team of Health & Safety consultants are dedicated to providing the highest quality service to help you host a safe and successful event.

Offering our experienced team to ensure your event goes seamlessly, no matter the size or scope, you can trust us to place an extra layer of security; allowing your audience peace of mind while they enjoy the experience.

Our cost-effective services ensure that your needs are appropriately met in accordance with Health & Safety legislation and best practice guidelines, giving you peace of mind knowing that all potential risks are identified, analyzed and managed.

We recognize the importance of good Health & Safety management for every event, so contact us today for more information about our Event Safety Management services.

Every Event Organiser knows that safety is a top priority for their event and good management of this will ensure that everyone has an enjoyable time.

To help with this area of Event Safety Management Risk Safety Services has a team of qualified experienced Safety Officers who have a broad spectrum of experience through all sporting events and venues.

Our company’s background in Events and Crowd Management brings together an ideal blend of experience to ensure every angle surrounding safety and security is addressed.

Our Event Safety Management starts with risk assessments, operational plans, Contingency planning, medical risk assessments and medical plans, attending planning meetings and the delivery of the event. We attend Safety Advisory Group meetings with the local authorities and emergency services with you to ensure a smooth operation for the event.

We are members of the Football Safety Officers Association. As the numbers of multi-functional stadiums grow the responsibility of the Safety Officer becomes more onerous. The process of safety management helps you to put together systems effectively and makes sure that you comply with any legislation imposed upon you.

The format of our qualification applies to all stadiums and events, as it is transferable since it is about systems and procedures to be used at any event or stadium.

Our services incorporate the following spheres of responsibility

  • The Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds (The Green Guide) and The Event Guide (Purple Guide)
  • Safety and Venue Safety Certificate
  • Human Resources involved in recruiting, employing, training, and assessing event day staff
  • Health and Safety awareness of the event day operation
  • Legislation involved in running events
  • Contingency planning
  • Risk assessments linked to planning events and the need for categorizing events
  • Event day paperwork and audit trail
  • Stewarding

Each venue is different, and our diversity and experience will show that we can assist with the planning of your event whether it be sporting, concerts, regatta or any event that needs a higher degree of management.

For more information on how we can help you with your Event Safety Management, contact Risk Safety Services Limited on Tel: 01304 793058 or Email: info@risksafetyservices.co.uk


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