Risk Safety Services offer professional CDM consultancy services to businesses across Kent and in the South East of England. CDM consultancy in Kent supports your construction projects and is a vital element of the whole process.

All our specialists provide highly professional services. Furthermore, our services include the provision of additional services from the planning, pre-construction, and construction stages throughout the project to completion and handover, aiming to alleviate many problems that could occur during these construction phases of your project. Let’s look more at CDM consultancy, CDM advisors and their importance in your project.

What is a CDM Consultant?

CDM stands for Construction, Design and Management and CDM consultants play a central role in all construction projects. Consultants sit at the heart of the project. They advise and support all members of the construction team. Their role includes providing the client or design team with competent advice regarding many different elements of the project including:

  • Construction design processes
  • Risk mitigation and management
  • Best practice in terms of health and safety

Your CDM consultant will ensure your build aligns with current legislation. They also ensure your projects adhere to health and safety law, including the changes to CDM 2015 regulations.

Is our CDM Consultancy in Kent right for you?

Our experience CDM and safety consultants work in many different industries. We are a highly experienced team and can work as easily on a multi million-pound development as we can a small residential build. Our support services will be fitted to your need, with every role possible from principal designer support services to project manager support. We can also provide site manages to support your team and ensure compliance.

Why do you need a CDM Consultant?

The legislation in the construction industry changes regularly and it’s our job to remain fully up to date with this legislation. Furthermore, the client holds the full responsibility for health and safety. Therefore, we’d always recommend getting professional support from experts in this field such as ourselves to protect your business and projects.

The Risk Safety Services CDM consultancy in Kent and across the UK offers a range of support for your construction projects. They include an initial on-site gap analysis. From there we can also put in place your controls, measures and processes for success. We can also help to review and maintain risk assessments on site and many other consulting duties in line for your requirements.

We work with business owners of all sizes and have the experience across many industries to support your construction project. To find out more about our CDM consultancy, get in touch today.



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