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  1. Each machine operator is responsible for insuring that the machine is only operated in a safe condition and in a safe manner and that he/she has been duly authorised and trained in the safe operation of the machine.
  2. This equipment must only be used by trained staff ensuring material to be cut is suitable for machine process.
  3. It is to be used in a safe manner with the equipment being kept in a safe condition immediately reporting any changes that occur on this equipment which may affect its safe operation.
  4. The cleanliness and tidiness of this equipment and its surrounding area must be ensured through appropriate instructions, routine inspections and cleaning.
  5. Work on or alteration of this equipment, which detrimentally affects its safety in any way, is prohibited.
  6. All guards must be kept in place and in working condition.
  7. Machine parts or components, which form part of the safety protection, must not be removed, dismantled, altered, put out of operation or moved.
  8. All safety devices must be checked at regular intervals for perfect operation.
  9. The operator must have thorough knowledge of the controls and their function before attempting any operation.
  10. This equipment must not be left unattended if in operation.
  11. When cleaning operations take place the power must be completely isolated e.g. lock out / tag out.
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