There are over 35,575 bed and breakfasts in the UK, a figure that looks set to increase as ‘staycations’ become more popular. Owning a bed and breakfast can be incredibly rewarding, especially when guests tell you how much fun they’ve had during their stay. It’s also an incredible responsibility.

One of the most important jobs a bed and breakfast owner has is keeping their guests safe. Which is why making sure they complete a regular bed and breakfast risk assessment in Kent is so important.

What is involved in a bed and breakfast risk assessment in Kent?

Because of the nature of the business itself, completing a bed and breakfast risk assessment in Kent means considering both the building itself as well as the guest that will be staying there. And, while each risk assessment will be different, in general, they should include:

  • Property details, including the layout, entry and exit points, basements, stairwells, and lifts.
  • Fire safety, including available fire equipment and systems, signage, and hazards, e.g. ignition sources.
  • People, including guests, visitors, staff, and contractors.
  • Accessibility, including how people with disabilities can comfortably use the property.

As well as assessing risks, owners must rate them, using a system that calculates the risks for each item or activity. For example, they can be RAG rated, with risks colour coded red, amber, or green depending on the level of risk. They must also mitigate each risk, putting in place actions to reduce the likelihood.

Completing a bed and breakfast risk assessment in Kent

There is a lot to consider with a bed and breakfast risk assessment. So, while an owner can complete one themselves, it may be a better use of their time to use a Health & Safety specialist such as Risk Safety Services. With a wealth of experience and highly-skilled staff, they can complete a detailed risk assessment that meets your needs. Contact them today on 0343 523 0410 to find out more.

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