At Risk Safety Services, we offer a number of online courses to help businesses to increase their safety levels and reduce the level of risk to the organisation. Training employees is an essential part of business safety, as they can put into actions the things they’ve learnt to control the risk. Furthermore, training for some subjects, such as fire safety is a legal requirement. Fulfil your legal obligations and benefit your staff with basic fire safety awareness online course.

What is basic fire safety awareness online course?

Risk Safety Services know that it isn’t always easy, or cost-effective to organise face-to-face training. This is why we offer an innovative basic fire safety awareness online course. The course costs just £25 per user. Furthermore, they can complete their training at a time and place to suit their needs.

Our basic fire safety awareness online course consists of five different modules to give candidates greater awareness and a fundamental understanding of basic fire awareness.

The modules in the course include;

  • Fire statistics
  • Introduction to fire extinguishers
  • What to do in cases of fire
  • Chemistry of fire
  • Basic safety features in buildings.

To test understanding and ensure your legal obligation is fulfilled, candidates will be tested for their understanding. At the end of each module, candidates will have to answer questions. Candidates will pass the online training if they score higher than 70%.

Business leaders will be given access to a platform so that you can monitor which employees have completed the training and who has passed. As well as this it will highlight the candidates who may need further training.

How long is a basic fire safety awareness online course?

The course developed by Risk Safety Services lasts around 60 minutes. However, candidates may need longer depending on their personal needs.

The basic fire safety awareness online course is a good all-rounder for all of your employees. However, you may identify candidates who could benefit from further training such as fire marshal training and fire extinguisher training.

Whatever training requirements you have, Risk Safety Services will be able to help. Explore our e-learning pages to find out more.

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