Fire safety is not something your organisation can ignore. Any company with one or more employees has a legal duty to provide fire safety training. However, finding a time to do this and ensuring all employees are adequately and equally trained is not always easy. Online fire safety training helps to improve consistency in training and makes it easy for all staff and wardens to complete adequate training at a pace that suits your business. We offer training for fire safety and related requirements, as well as online Fire Warden training.

eLearning has made it much easier to onboard and train employees, with no need to organise away days, full-day training sessions or similar anymore. While on-site fire safety training is still essential for employees to understand business-specific drills, evacuation locations and similar, online fire safety training is a great option for most businesses.

Why should you invest in Online Fire Safety Training?

There are many benefits to opting for online fire safety training. Consider these advantages for your organisation:

1.       Cost Saving

Face-to-face training sessions and away days can be expensive. Whether conducted on-site or off-site, you may need to cover travel expenses and venue costs. This will result in your training being budget eaten up very quickly for a single type of training. Online courses minimise the cost of travel and sourcing venues. Employees simply need an internet connection and a computer, and they can complete the required courses. You can offer on-site training if any employee doesn’t have the necessary resources, too, with an hour or so on the office computer all that is needed to box off an employee’s fire safety requirements.

2.     Time-Saving

Alongside the clear cost advantages of online training, there’s also a significant time-saving. Employees can quickly and easily complete the necessary training courses to get started in a new job role or complete refresher training at the end of a shift rather than waiting for a course to be booked.

3.     Self-Directed and Self-Paced

Employees can complete their training in a way and at a time that suits them. Staff can fit their training around their shifts and schedules but still ensure it is complete within the timescales set by you as the employer. Employees who may need to take more time over their training can pace themselves without feeling they have to compete with their colleagues or rush over any information that hasn’t quite been absorbed.

Fire safety is not an area any business can afford to neglect. So alongside your risk assessments and fire safety policies, training is really important. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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