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If you are to learn from an accident in order to prevent a recurrence then it is vital that a structured approach is taken to investigating that accident and identifying the root cause.

The same accidents happen again and again, causing suffering and distress to an ever-widening circle of workers and their families. The investigation and analysis of work-related accidents and incidents forms an essential part of managing health and safety. However, learning the lessons from what you uncover is at the heart of preventing accidents and incidents.


Why do you need an Accident Investigation Report?

Largely as a result of media hype, most people will assume accident investigations are only required if someone is killed or seriously injured; but the literal meaning of accident covers any event that stops an activity from being completed and can therefore relate to a number of potential issues e.g. a weather related scaffold collapse.

Accident investigation is not about apportioning blame, it is however a key aspect to establishing cause and to prevent such reoccurrence. In some instances, fault may be determined and will be handled separately.


Accident investigation is as much about learning as it is about evaluation

We believe that accident investigation is as much about learning as it is about evaluation. If nothing changes as a result of an accident then nothing has been learned and therefore the likelihood of a reoccurrence is greater.

As independent consultants, you can be sure of our utmost impartiality in the investigation of any accident which is key to finding out the true cause, and providing a satisfactory.

Following a serious accident, we can either work with your internal investigation team or can take care of the investigation for you, ensuring that the evidence is gathered and analysed to a consistently high standard which would withstand legal scrutiny. This work will then identify recommendations which will improve the health & safety of your staff moving forward.

Risk Safety Services can Conduct an in-depth accident investigations for clients.

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